The Palladio Door Collection

Unique Monocoque Structure

We have a superior range of composite doors uniquely designed with a monocoque structure (as opposed to being foam filled) and reinforced with 65mm of fiberglass resulting in incomparable strength and resistance.

With thanks to Palladio use the below link to design your own door.

Looks like a real timber door.

The Palladio Door Collection begins its life as a real timber door, we place a gel mould over the timber door and transfer that grain detail onto the Palladio Door range. Each door has a renolit foil finish (NOT painted) which means that not only does each door have an impeccable appearance it is paired with durability.

Superior Palladio

By watching our 'break in video' you will see a clear comparison to how the Palladio Doors are far superior to other composite doors on the market.